Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New EBook:The Stone Prince

The Stone Prince

            . . . . .  Out of breath, she stopped in the center of the garden clutching her chest as her heart skipped a beat. Before her, a statue stood, on a dais above dying roses, arms out stretched, face down turned, an expression of such sadness and beauty that at once; the princess fell in love with the statue of the prince. He had to be a prince, the crown upon his head, the sword at his side, and the crest upon his clothing told her so.

             Then every night, after her father tired and the servants found their beds, the princess slipped from her room, out into the garden. There she danced before the prince, lay kisses upon his stone cheeks, whispered secrets into his stone ears and lay her head upon his stone shoulders. Unnoticed, the garden changed around her with every visit. The over grown bushes receded, the thorny roses lost there brambles and the sad statues seemed a little less, unhappy. . . . . .
Copyright © 2011 Wynter Rose  
All rights reserved.       

Cover Art By Nada Meeks                                      

Monday, November 21, 2011

Read : A Moment of Magic

A Moment of Magic
By Wynter Rose

In the early morning, beneath a cluster of twisted oaks
 With glistening green leaves bejeweled in dew drops.
 I saw them rise on a golden stream of morning light.
The fairy court, on the thinnest of delicate wings
They circled the trees and arose into the dawn
 Flanked by golden dragonflies.

Or perhaps it was but the fluttering of tiny moths
Disturbed by my foot steps.

Magic is all around us
if we open our eyes   
And see the magic in the moment.